The 2nd International Conference on Information Control, Electrical Engineering and Rail Transit (ICEERT 2022)
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Prof. Yuanhua Jia
Beijing Jiaotong University 
贾元华 教授 北京交通大学

Yuanhua Jia is current a Professor at School of Traffic and Transportation, Beijing Jiaotong University. Long-term engaged in comprehensive transportation planning, intelligent transportation system, transportation investment project evaluation and evaluation research, presided over the Ministry of Science and Technology “863” project, 3 national natural fund projects, 30 provincial and ministerial research projects, published more than 40 high-level academic papers, published monographs and teaching books 6, won the provincial science and technology award 3 (including 1 second prize, the third prize 2). As an expert on the soft science database of the Ministry of Transport, an expert in the government procurement evaluation expert database of the Ministry of Finance, and an expert database of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Speech Title:
Research on the dynamic traffic information sharing and collaborative control technology of expressway and related urban expressway.高速公路与关联城市快速路监控系统动态交通信息共享与协同控制技术研究


Prof. Jianbing Lv
Guangdong University of Technology
吕建兵 教授 广东工业大学  
Jianbing Lv, graduated from Central South University with a doctor's degree in engineering, is a professor in the School of Civil and Transportation Engineering, Guangdong University of Technology, and is also a professorate senior engineer of road and bridge Engineering with dual professor titles. I currently serve as the deputy director of the committee of Science and Technology forum on Construction Management and Youth Work of Tunnel and Underground Works Branch of China Civil Engineering Society and the director of Guangdong Provincial Highway Society. I have long been engaged in the scientific research and teaching of tunnel and underground engineering, geotechnical engineering and materials for a long time, especially in tunnel design and construction, tunnel disease treatment technology, material mechanics test and other fields, and have a solid foundation in theoretical system, test methods, test equipment and other aspects. In addition, the research projects I has presided over and participated in have won 3 provincial awards, and I managed and participated in 15 national, provincial and bureau-level scientific research projects, taking charge of formulating 3 provincial specifications and standards and publishing more than 120 SCI/EI/ Chinese core journals. In 2017 and 2019, I coached college students for two consecutive Challenge Cups, and won 2 special prizes of Guangdong Province, one national second prize, and one national third prize.
Speech Title: 
Key technology and application of pile and tunnel engineering geological disaster prevention and cooperative construction in water-rich weak areas


Prof. Zhenmin Zhu

East China JiaoTong University

祝振敏 教授 华东交通大学  

Professor Zhenmin Zhu (doctoral supervisor, April, 1984), leader of the doctoral program of Control Science and Engineering. On the Traffic Video Special Committee, Visual Inspection Special Committee of China Graphics and Image Society committee, Standing Director of Jiangxi province Automation Society. He has been selected as the Funding Program for Outstanding Young Talents of Jiangxi Province, Young Jinggang Scholar, the visiting scholar of "Light of the West" of organization Department of the CENTRAL Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China, the Hundredpeople Voyage Project, etc. Serve as the evaluation expert of science and technology projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and Jiangxi province, Shanxi Province and Anhui Province. Presided over the research or completion of 2 National Natural Science Foundation projects and 10 of Jiangxi Outstanding Young Talents Project, key project of Industrialization of Provincial Invention Patent, provincial Natural Science Fund and other provincial and ministerial level and enterprise entrusted projects. Now, he mainly engaged in the research of precision vision measurement, intelligent detection and automation system, LED applied optics, etc. He has published more than 50 research papers, which 28 indexed in SCI, on international authoritative journal of optical measurement as Optics Express, Optics and Lasers in Engineering as the first author or corresponding author. He has applied for 24 national invention patents as the first author. The project achievement "Key Technology and Application to Improve visual imaging contrast" won the second prize of Jiangxi Provincial Technical invention, and participated in the second prize of provincial graduate Teaching Achievement and provincial Scientific and Technological Achievement. He is now the deputy dean of the School of Electrical and Automation Engineering, East China JiaoTong University.

Speech Title: 
Study on the technology of 3D precision measurement based on polarization-coding structured light